Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Quickie...(not THAT kind of quickie)

Just a quick blog today since it's Friday. Also, I want to prove that I don't always have to use so many words. I just like to. Words are fun.

It's been a weird week, up and down. I'm not sure why that sometimes happens but it does and nothing you do can stop it; you just have to hold on and go along for the ride. But next week will be better. For one thing, it's the last week I have to work before the holidays. That means I have plenty of time with my family before Christmas in which to help them do last minute shopping trips and preparation.

My family is big on last minute shopping. It used to be the tradition that my dad and I would go shopping for my mum on Christmas Eve. I loved that but it got to be a little hard to wrap gifts as well as get the shopping trip in. I always wait until the last minute to do my wrapping. So last year, we did it a little earlier. It was still fun. The thing was, I think I ended up going with my brother on Christmas Eve instead. I tend to be the shopping fiend in my family. I love to shop. I especially love to help other's shop. Watching other people spend money is almost as fun as spending your own.

I'm just glad it is the holidays. It's my favourite time of year. I love the lights, the colour, the snow, the music (except the annoying Christmas songs that I talked about the other day). I just love the overall mood.

This weekend means we're moving closer to Christmas. I don't mind if it takes its time in coming. I always love the days before Christmas more than the day itself. Christmas Eve is my favourite, it's the anticipation that is so wonderful. It's a magical day to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the traditions on Christmas Day but on Christmas Night, when you go to bed, you have that sad feeling that suddenly it's over, all that preparation is finished and you're suddenly on the other side of Christmas. I like the climb towards Christmas better.

I've been weirdly random in my blogging this week, just rambling on about whatever I choose. Thanks for sticking with me. Next week will be better...I hope. Have a great weekend.

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