Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wunderbar Wonderbar....Cupcake

I have decided that it’s quite hard to get back to work after a rather nice little mini-break. Even though this week is shorter because of Memorial Day on Monday, time seems to have slowed down.

It doesn’t help that things are a little slow in the office either. It’s the type of week where people are sliding out a little early each day and going home. It’s also been a nice week, weather-wise. Since we’ve had so much rain lately, the rare treat of a warm week with sunshine and no rain makes it a little hard to focus.

I didn’t sneak out early yesterday but I did leave on time. I’ve decided the best way to not be sad that my trip to NYC is over for a while is to throw myself into some projects I haven’t been able to get to because of the rain. The number one project is finishing my pesky Tuscan room. I’ve had the floor tiles for ages but because the room is an add-on to the house, it’s the only way out to the back garden for the dogs and for me. This means that trying to do the floor while it’s raining would be a little silly because it would constantly have wet dog footprints on it. Also, I have furniture in there that needs to go outside while I tile the floor so rain doesn’t help that matter either.

Fortunately, this weekend is going to be dry and hot. I figured I wouldn’t get another opportunity for a while so I decided that this is the weekend the floor goes down.

This means that the carpet in the room had to come up. Since it was rubbish day yesterday, I wanted the carpet to get pulled up and taken away immediately. Thus, last night, I spent the evening pulling up carpet.

I do not enjoy pulling up carpet. It’s not so bad cutting the actual carpet up and getting rid of it. It’s just that around the edges there are these nasty little things called tack strips. Since these look somewhat like one of those weird bed of nails that people sometimes lie on in order to get attention in a public place, they’re not a good thing to leave sticking up. I know they’re there so I wouldn’t accidentally step on the but try explaining to two dachshunds that they should watch where they walk.

So, I had to pull up those tack strips. Fortunately, thanks to Google, I already knew the best method of doing so was to buy something called a Wonderbar pry bar from Lowes. So, last night, I stopped off at my neighbourhood friendly Lowes and bought one.

I have recently discovered that it’s quite nice to pretend I don’t know what I’m doing in Lowes. I actually do know where most things are there and, even if I don’t, I’m quite good at locating them. Until very recently, I got annoyed that as soon as I walked in, I’d be asked if I needed help by some male employee of the store. I know it sounds sexist but that’s the way it was- I think they assumed because I was female, I needed help. This used to annoy me.

However, recently, I’ve found it quite fun to pretend I need help. It sounds silly but it’s rather nice to have someone make sure I find exactly what I want. Even though there are times when I know where I really need to go and the employee doesn’t, it’s actually quite fun to watch them get a little stressed until they help me locate my item.

Yes, yes…I know. I’m betraying feminist strength all over the place. The thing is, I’m a single woman and I do find that being very independent is rather intimidating to men. It’s a stereotype but it’s a stereotype for a reason. Thus, I’m trying to be less intimidating. Hey, you never know.

Anyway, I did finally get my Wonderbar last night and I’m rather glad I did. That thing is a bloody marvel. All I need is my handy dandy hammer and the Wonderbar and the tack strips came up with just a few taps. I like that.

In the end, I actually did get the carpet up and all the tack strips removed. I also removed these evil metal things that may or may not be called bullheads that were firmly fastened to the floor near the entranceways.

The room is looking better. Under the carpet was a nice thin layer of vinyl tiles that is smooth enough to provide a good surface for my new tile. All I have to do is finish pulling up a few stray nails in the floor with my Wonderbar. I’m very pleased with that purchase. I’m actually amazed at the things I now own that I’ve discovered are quite useful. For one, I now own a hacksaw with a blade for cutting both metal and tree brances. I also own a nifty screwgun that is WAY easier than using a screw driver for things. Also, I own a pipe wrench. Now I own a Wonderbar. Who knew being a homeowner would inspire me to own such an interesting collection of tools.

Of course, the problem with the Wonderbar (and I realize this is a highly personal problem) is that every time I write it, say it or think it, it reminds me of something you’d get out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This, in turn, makes me suddenly want something sweet which, thanks to Saz and Magnolia Bakery’s introduction of good cupcakes into my life then makes me want a cupcake quite badly.

As I said, I realize this is a highly personal problem. Only I could turn a prybar into a cupcake in my mind. I don’t know what’s more annoying: The fact that I’m now craving lemon cupcakes with buttercream frosting even though I’m not a cake person or the fact that I can’t have one.

Ah well, maybe finishing up prepping the floor for the new tiles will help take my mind off cupcakes. Of course, I will be using the Wonderbar so maybe not.

Crap, I did it again. Now I want a cupcake.

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading!

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