Friday, August 7, 2009

The Promise of the Weekend (and the escape from Eau d'egg)

It's finally Friday and it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. For the first time since June, we're supposed to have temperatures in the 90's. I think it's going to feel like summer. Though I noticed that my grass needed to be mowed this morning, I have the luxury of ignoring it since I'm heading to my parent's this weekend for some much-needed family time and relaxation.

I love the drive to my parent's house. I haven't done it in so long, I'm looking forward to it. I especially love it on days like this, days when the green glow of the Midwest will be on display and enhanced by the sunlight. Then again, I actually like driving. As long as I have good music or company, I find driving to be relaxing.

I never do anything terribly exciting when I'm at my parent's house, nothing I normally wouldn't do if I were home. Yet it's a way of recharging. I love to walk around my mum's garden. She's done an amazing job this year with it, the blending of the flowers perfect in their vivid colours. I love to see if there's anything ripe that I can eat. Earlier in the year there are cherries and strawberries. At the moment, it's tomatoes. There's little better to eat in the world than a fresh-picked tomato, warm from the sun.

All I have to do is get through work today and the weekend is mine. I'm glad. Lately, work has been better. I feel like I'm no longer an invisible entity, bored out of my skull. Don't get me wrong, having been the Mistress of Multi-tasking at my last job, this job is a lot slower-paced. Yet I finally feel like I'm doing something that actually has some merit, even if it is a little dull.

That's another reason why I have to get my writing back on track. I can deal with dull work if I have something to escape to and writing a new story or novel will allow me to do that. Sometimes I need to escape; my physical location not only is in close proximity to the men's bathroom but also near the breakroom. This means whatever someone makes for breakfast or lunch, I smell it. I don't mind normal food smells that come from heating up leftovers or frozen meals. Those smells are harmless, smells like cheese, garlic and even cumin from Mexican food. It's the other smells that drive me crazy; someone inevitably makes eggs which, to me, smells revolting. I like the taste of eggs but the smell of them is disgusing. There are times when people make food on the George Forman grill. I have one of those at home. I'm actually amazed that people go to the trouble of actually cooking at work. I come from a former working environment where we lost our microwaves because the smell of people's lunches overwhelmed the building.

So, having someone make a grilled cheese on the George Foreman is...interesting. It seems like a lot of work to do that at lunch but who am I to judge? I just wish I couldn't always smell the odor of heating metal as it gets warm. Sadly, for some reason, it doesn't fill the air with the aroma of melting cheese and toasting bread; all I can smell is that vaguely metallic heat and I'm not sure why.

At the moment, I'm smelling Eau d'Egg with a hint of Warm Vanilla Sugar. This means that our faithful air-scenter still hasn't given up her quest to make the men's room smell less...manly. She kindly made it her mission to rid the air of the eggy-smell by enthusiastically squirting her Warm Vanilla Sugar Room Spray into my area, that of the breakroom and, of course, the men's bathroom. Unfortunately, it didn't help and the smells are sort of....layered. I keep hoping she's going to run out of that room spray but it seems to be holding up quite well. I wonder what would happen if it accidentally went....missing. Of course, then I'm sure we'd get a replacement and I'd be afraid of what might replace it.

Still, I do admire her vigilence. It takes a lot of dedication to keep trying to change a man's habits.

Thankfully, both smells are fading, slowly but surely. I'll have a couple of hours' break before the lunch rush begins and the smell of Lean Cuisines fill the air.

In the meantime, I'm content to be happy it's Friday. The weekend lies ahead, within grasping distance. The sun is shining and it's a lovely summer day. Even with the aroma of Egg Beaters and Warm Vanilla Sugar pervading my nostrils, I can be glad about those things. I hope the weekend is a good one for you all.

Happy Friday.

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