Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Musings about Dogs, Writing and Other Things

Tomorrow is Wednesday and after that, we begin the downhill slide towards the weekend. Sometimes I regret looking ahead like that. After all, life is pretty short and not appreciating the now in favour of the more free future is not a good thing really.

Still, we can't really help it, can we? Having to work is necessary but sometimes it's hard. I run home for lunch every day to let the puppies out and having to re-crate them for the afternoon is hard. I always joke that they get to go in their crate and I have to go back to mine. I do sometimes wonder if anyone would notice if I stowed the puppies under my desk but, alas, I think with their high pitched yips and penchant for chewing, they might be quite noticeable. I still dream of one day being able to stay home and be a full time writer but with one book out on the market, I'm pretty certain that my dream is a long way off. Besides, I didn't publish The Reluctant Demon for money, I published it to get people to read it. So far, everyone I know has enjoyed it although, sadly, many of them like to point out that I needed an editor. Unfortunately, due to a mix up with files, Amazon was sending out my unedited version for a while and because I have some very loyal friends who bought my book right away, they have the 'collector's edition'.

It's nice to feel like a really writer though. It's nice to be able to answer people's "what have you published?" with a real response. It doesn't mean I'm giving up submitting in other areas but it's a teeny-tiny triumph of my own.

Still, I think being a fully time writer is pretty impossible at the moment anyway. Sookie and Rory see to that. Even when I have my weekends free, I don't get too much chance to write because I need to make sure they're behaving every so often- particularly when they get really quiet. Take now, for example...there's silence from the living room which sometimes means...trouble.

It seems I had no need to worry. I poked my head out only to discover Rory was upside down in their toy box, trying to grab a chewstick while Sookie is sitting on the floor, literally surrounded by at least five toys. Now there's the unmistakeable squeak of their unstuffed ferret-thing that they love to fight over. I've discovered that the long toys are the best- that way they can each grab an end and have a tug-o-war. It's infinitely better than them spotting my trouser leg and trying to have a tug-o-war with that.

One thing's for sure- they keep me entertained. They also confirmed that they are, in fact, the cutest dogs in the neighbourhood. Tonight we met Debbie who lives around the corner and has four dogs and Larry. He lives on the corner of the street behind mine. His parents have some type of hypoallergenic dog but he likes all dogs. He also likes to garden. I learn quite a lot about my neighbours. I'm not sure, exactly, what type of hypoallergenic dog his parents have but I hope it's not one of these . I think they're called Chinese Crested dogs. I know that some people find them adorable but, frankly, they give me the creeps. They're completely bald and I know I sound judgmental but, well, some people don't like spiders...I don't really like bald dogs.

Anyway, I'm rambling- I've been doing that a lot in my blog. I hope you're not getting too sick of hearing about Sookie and Rory. My problem is that I don't get much human company at the moment, unless you count my coworkers and, well, sometimes I do...sometimes I don't. Not some of my coworkers, anyway.

Speaking of which, my boss told me he ordered my book. I'm only slightly concerned about that. Ok, so my heroine does work for a software company....like me. She does the same sort of job as me...and she's horribly bored...like me. But...I don't speak badly about my boss. Ok, so I do compare one of the managers in the book to Voldemort and we do actually have a manager who I've always called Voldemort but that's not bad...right? It's not like I've completely copied my life...just...aspects.

Either way, he's going to learn a lot more about me than he would, most likely, by perching awkwardly on my desk and trying to make small talk. If he doesn't like it...well, at least he bought a copy.

Oh dear...I'm hearing a concerned yip from the living room. Rory is quite loudly letting me know I've ignored them long enough. She's taken to barking when she's being ignored. Mostly I ignore her but, on occasion, she's rather persistant...like now.

It's probably time to wind down the blog anyway. Thanks, as always for reading.

Happy Wednesday!

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