Monday, October 27, 2008

Trying to See Positive on a Monday Morning's Monday again. As much as I'd like to start off by being a beam of radiant sunshine on a cloudy day, that is so not likely to happen. For a start, it's Monday and to quote the Boomtown Rats, "I Don't Like Mondays". I should add the word "much" to that though- I'm not adverse to Mondays. They just tend not to be my favourite day of the week.

I did say in Monday that the day may bring the promise and hope for the new week. I'm really hoping that's true. I had intended to start the week in a nice and chipper mood. Really, I did.

The only problem is that my weekend did not go according to plan and though I like to delude myself that I enjoy a bit of spontenaity, when it really comes down to it, Captain Monkeypants is a bit of a planner. I like to know what I'm going to do with my time. It helps me figure out how much time I can spend doing things like writing, watching television and whatever other procrastination methods I can employ before I actually HAVE to do something.

My weekend was going to be fairly quiet. My original plan was to go to Target on Saturday to buy a new coffemaker and blender with a gift card that two of my favourite people in the world had given me as a housewarming gift for my new place. I suppose I shouldn't say that didn't go as planned because I now am in position of a rather nice Mr. Coffee coffeemaker and a nice, basic blender. The only bad thing was that, on the way to Target, I got rear-ended. And I don't mean in the "That's what SHE said" way...I mean in the my-car-has-its-bumper-hanging-off-and-I-can't-open-my-trunk way.

The worst part is that it wasn't one of those accidents for which you get a chance to brace yourself. There are times when, if you slam your brakes on suddenly, you almost expect the car behind you to slam into you, you expect an impact. Not this time. I was sitting in traffic, much like I did for seven years in L.A. without an accident, waiting for traffic to move. And then BAM!

No one was hurt, which, obviously, is the most important thing. I have a few bruises and stiffness. The lady who hit me kept saying it was her fault and that she wasn't paying attention. What do you say to that? It was an accident and accidents happen.

I can't even be angry at her. Honestly speaking, who hasn't had moments when driving in which we lose focus, in which we run on autopilot? They happen to us all. And it sucks because it's just one of those things in life that they call bumps in the road (or, in my case, smashes in the road). She was insured, I was insured. It'll be a hassle to get the estimates and figure out where to get my car fixed. I'll also have to have a rental while it's in the shop. In a year, I'll probably look back and be glad it wasn't worse than it was. For now though, my poor car...I've only had her for two years and she was my first brand new car. I'm really, really hoping she can be fixed. The damage is pretty bad but she still runs and so I'm hoping a few days in the body shop will fix her up.

On the plus side, in the shock that inevitably follows a big, body-shaking smash like that, I wasn't sure what to do. I was shaken to the core and feeling rather out-of-it and so...I went to Target. And now I have a coffeemaker and blender. I even remembered to buy coffee filters.

I didn't get to follow through with the rest of my weekend plans. I wasn't feeling great and I was rather sore so I had to skip the Halloween Party on my agenda. It was a Seven Deadly Sins party. I was going to be the Grapes of Wrath. Instead, i got to enjoy my new sofa and watch absolutely horrendous crap like "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

(*Side Note: Really, Stephen Spielburg and George Lucas? What, you don't have enough freaking aliens in the rest of your movies?- and yes, George, I am looking at you and your crappy Star Wars prequels and you, Stephen, with "A.I", the movie that never ends. Seriously, Indiana Jones is an architect. He's supposed to run through temples and ruins and swing from ropes and, yes, maybe he did do that in this one but, really, ALIENS????????? The franchise is dead. Why couldn't you just leave it alone and try for another Oscar with a movie that makes us feel guilty about...something? Though I do feel guilty for watching this piece of crap. Ok, side note over).

I also watched "Heroes". I've been meaning to catch up on that all season. It usually takes me a couple of episodes to get into it. Not this season; so far, I'm really close to breaking up with "Heroes". It's awful and I miss the "Heroes" of Season 1. I may blog about that later but I think Entertainment Weekly does a good job in summing up why it's no longer good TV in this week's issue. (Summary: STOP FLASHING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE. AND LOSE SOME OF THE DAMN HEROES!)

So, the weekend wasn't what I planned. Who knows, maybe it was life's way of saying slow down. It was definitely the first time since I moved that I've had chance to sit down and do absolutely nothing. And it was nice, even if my body did feel like it had been hit with a hammer a few times.

(Another side note: Speaking of hammers, an anonoymous reader left a comment on Friday stating tips on using a hammer correctly and that holding it six inches from my face is not a good idea. That was very helpful but I should probably point out that I was exaggerating a little and that I don't really hit a nail that close to my face. I was just making a point about the fact that I'm not great with tools. But thank you, all the same. I will definitely try backing up when I hammer nails in future. Side note over).

Anyway, the long and the short of it is...things could be worse. The driver who hit me was handed accident reports for my car as well as two other cars in front of her. When all is said and done, I suppose I am the lucky one. I got out of it mostly unscathed. My car can be fixed and I got to do nothing this weekend. I got to slow down and be spontenously lazy. That doesn't happen very often.

So, when all is said and done, maybe this is a good start to a Monday morning. Maybe I am more chipper than expected. And maybe, just maybe, the week is starting with promise and hope. I mean, the insurance company promised they'd help me get my car fixed and I'm hoping they do so...maybe life does turn out the way you plan it, just not in the way you expect. I suppose it makes it more interesting though, doesn't it?

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Sarah said...

Glad you are you doing ok, Sam! I laughed out loud at your side note to Spielberg and Lucas. Too true!