Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures at the DMV, the Sequel

Yes, there are two blogs today. I've had so many condolences for my thrilling adventure at the DMV on Saturday, I thought it prudent to post an update.

I am now a registered Ohio driver.


I won't say it was easy. In order to be a registered Ohio Driver, I had to have proof of my Social Security Number (SSN), as I mentioned on Saturday's blog. Due to the fact that my social security card is MIA, I had to thusly go to the Office of Social Security to apply for a replacement card.

Naturally, this was a fun experience. As with all beauracratic agencies, I had to wait. I had to wait a long time. During this time, they had a TV with a show called "The Doctors." Did you know that you can change the shape of your chin in five minutes with a simple injection? Me either! Of course, when the injections were performed and the results demonstrated, the poor girl who wanted a new chin merely look like a thousand bees had stung her and it looked pretty weirdly shaped but she did say she wanted to look different so I suppose she did get her wish.

Obviously, my waiting time was spent wisely. When I finally was called, getting a new Social Security card proved WAY easier than getting past the DMV. Ironic, don't you think?

Finally I emerged with a temporary card. I drove with my usual police-paranoia to the DMV. It was a different portal to hell than the other one I went to on Saturday. You know what?

They didn't ask for my SSN.

This DMV just took my driver's license and proceeded to register my car. Due to my intense irritation with this whole debacle, I finally said to the lady "Don't you want to see my SSN?" She blinked and you could tell it wasn't something she was used to answering. After a long pause she turned to her coworker and said "Do we need to see the SSN?"

Me, being the patient lassie I am, let them have thier little conversation in which both DMV employees looked baffled. So, I interrupted them and said "I was turned away on Saturday for not having a Social Security card so you better ask me for it now." I believe glaring was involved, me being the glarer, of course.

I think I might have frightened the lady a little. She meekly said, "oh, ok," and took a look at my temporary card. I left the DMV with two Ohio plates. Of course, they don't fit in my nice frame anymore 'cause apparently they put the dates on the bottom of the plate which is covered by a frame but I will not complain. Not today. You see, I rule triumphant! I now have legal plates.

Of course, they wouldn't let me switch my license over because I have to drive another 20 miles to the Highway Patrol Station to take a written test but that's another saga to begin some other time. For now, I have a legal California license and I don't have time to go take a test. I tell you, Ohio likes to make things difficult. If they require out-of-staters to switch their license when they move to Ohio, they should make it a little easier to take the test. You know, like at the DMV the way MOST states do.

Still, for now, I finally got what I needed. They say the harder you work for something, the more satisfaction there is. I wish it were the case with the DMV today but, alas, it feels slightly anticlimactic, like Christmas day after the presents are opened. However, at least I can now drive and leave my little town without the worry of red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror.

I better not speed, huh?

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