Friday, February 6, 2009

The Disturbing of My Peace

Thank goodness it's Friday. That's a cliche, of course but this week seems like it's taken forever to pass and while it hasn't been bad, it hasn't been particularly joyful either.

Still, the weekend lies ahead which means a little time to regroup before I'm back in the office. I'm looking forward to sleeping a little. It's been super cold this week and getting up in the mornings has been tough.

Of course, that may also be because I have new neighbours above me. They moved in just a little while ago. Our apartment building isn't the most soundproof but, prior to these new neighbours, the noise level that leaked to my apartment wasn't too bad. With the exception of the beeping alarm clock, of course.

These new to say it....are really loud. No, they're bloodly loud. They're young 'uns, meaning that they look to be in their early twenties. They don't seem to have grasped that while there are some students in our complex, most of us are grown-ups who are trying to get away from living amongst the university students. We don't want to be around frat parties. Ok, so the boys that live across the hall get a bit loud during basketball or football games but I can live with that.

My new neighbours don't seem to get that. They're the type to blast music until midnight. It's that really annoying type of music in which one song drags on forever, the pulsating rhythm a monotonous drumbeat on my ceiling. Yet since they did cut off the music by midnight, I was ok with that, mostly.

What I'm not ok with is the phone conversations I can hear at 2 a.m. One of the boys is clearly having girlfriend issues and likes to shout at her on the phone. He's mean. He calls her names, really crude ones, yells at her to tell him the truth and the normal heated things that angry boyfriends say to angry girlfriends. However, this has now been happening for the last three nights. I've banged on the ceiling and that seems to work but in order to do that, I actually have to get out of bed which is NOT good for my sleep cycle.

I do feel very sorry for whoever's on the other end of that phone call because my upstairs neighbour is super mean. Given that he's such a young 'un, I can't help but wonder if it's worth it. I mean, any relationship that has 2 a.m. screaming matches on the phone on a nightly basis seems like a little too much work to me, you know?

I agree, lovers do quarrel. Yet I'm telling you, if any man spoke to me the way my neighbour speaks to his (ex?)girlfriend, I'd hang up the phone on him. I don't like to hang up on people, even accidentally. Yet sometimes, there are easy ways to end angry conversations. And trust me, I know it's a girl because of the sex-specific names he angrily calls her. He actually called her my very least favourite name the other night. I'm not typing it out but it starts with c and ends with t and is just not a nice name to call someone. For me, that would be the end of the conversation.

Yet, not for our loving couple, half of which lives above me. They seem able to go at it for hours. Maybe it is true love and they're working through some kinks. However, I dearly wish they could work through those kinks at a more decent hour and, perhaps, a little less heatedly and a little more maturely, but to each his own, I suppose.

Of course, I get the feeling I'm not alone in my 2 a.m. wake up call. I noticed our building manager posted a sign telling everyone to keep the noise level down as people actually do have lives and have to get up in the morning to do things like, say, go to work. I'm guessing that perhaps the noise level is even worse for the neighbour who lives beside them. I'm really hoping that the kiddies who live above me either realize that they're disturbing the peace or end up moving out. I wouldn't mind either option, actually.

Wow, that makes me sound old. What can I say? I need my sleep.

Happy Friday.

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