Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers, Fridays and Disturbances in my Peace...

It's another wet and soggy morning. Yesterday, at least the sun came out. Today I think it's going to remain gloomy. The fact that it's Friday more than makes up for that fact though. I'm a big fan of Fridays.

I can't say it's been a bad week. It's been a there week. Weeks like this are definitely not a bad thing but they also don't have anything to really distinguish them, to make them special. I did get two more rejections but given I'd forgotten I'd ever submitted to the rejectors, that didn't seem as bad as it could have. Buying a house is good for distracting you from everything else.

I finally have boxes in my apartment. I can start packing. Anytime now. I'll get right on that. I hate packing. The problem is that I need a lot of the things I'm going to pack since, you know, I'm still going to be living in my apartment. It's hard to know what to box up aside from books. I mean, I use my kitchen so I need most of the stuff in there. The really useless stuff that I don't use regularly is still in boxes from the last time I moved so that part is easy.

I think I'll look at the boxes for a while longer. Then I'll figure out what to put in them. As long as I'm packed by moving day, I think it's ok to procrastinate just a little longer.

It's Mother's Day this weekend. I suppose now would be time to pay tribute to my mother. All I can say is that...mother's don't get better than her. She'll think I'm being sappy if I get sentimental on here since she can't stand the sappy stuff. So I won't. But I do want her to know that even when I'm a foul-tempered beast (and even when SHE'S a foul-tempered beast), I couldn't ask for more in a mum. Thank you, mummy-lady for always being there for me, even when I'm positively horrible, over-emotional and stressed-out. You're the best. Ever. Also, your chips are much better than dad's. Just thought you should know that.

Moving along (though I could talk about my mother for hours because she really is the best), this week, as a whole, has gone by quite quickly, a fact for which I cannot complain. I was hoping it would be quiet and not require much productivity. For the most part it didn't yet it still didn't seem like I had much time to just...relax. When I did try to relax, it was after hours, lying in bed trying to read or to watch TV. Let's just say that even with headphones on....there are things I can hear through my ceiling and, again, I wondered if a hard hat was going to be necessary. There were, um, other noises coming from above me last night, noises that I really, really did not want to hear, noises that told me far more about my upstairs neighbour than I ever, ever wanted to know. Sadly, I'm pretty certain that last night, everyone in our apartment building could hear those noises. I kept telling myself: "I'm moving soon, I'm moving soon..."

I am moving to a one level house with no walls attached to anyone else's dwelling. At this point, I can't help but think "THANK GOODNESS!!!!!"

Again, I'm not a prude, for the most part. People have fun with sex and I'm very happy for them but, well, some of us aren't having fun like that that. Some of us are pathetic enough to be in our beds alone, watching downloaded episodes of Iron Chef America and wondering exactly what on earth would possess someone to try to make ice-cream out of trout. However, there is a level of discretion that I do prefer, especially when you know the person having such a, uh, spanking good time.

Enough said about that.'s been...a week. My blogs haven't been quite as exciting as they can be; I know my house-buying has to be getting a little old so I promise that I won't talk about it too much again. It's getting to be the new snow of my blog and if you've read any of my winter blogs, you know I love my snow. I forget sometimes that just because I love something doesn't mean that people love hearing about it all the time.

Anyway, sorry for the random blog but, it's Friday and I've noticed that on Friday's I have a bit of a habit of being random and uncollected. I'll be better by Monday. I'm hoping the weekend will refresh my brain and my stress level. If not...well, I'm sure you'll hear about it next week.

Happy Friday!

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