Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Calm After the Storm...

These have been some busy weeks for me. Now that I'm done with Comic-Con and the physical act of moving is over, the only things that remains to be done is to unpack.

I hate unpacking. I don't mind unpacking the vital stuff: The kitchen appliances, my DVD's, things I use every day. However, then there are the boxes that are left, just staring at you. When I moved to Ohio from California, I had several boxes that were never unpacked into my apartment. I have a feeling those will be the last ones I unpack too.

Those boxes contain the stuff that I like but don't really need. I know I kept the stuff for a reason and didn't donate it to Salvation Army but it's the type of stuff that when you unpack it, you wonder, exactly, why you kept it.

Nevertheless, if I can't find a place for it here, I'll rethink the fact that I might not actually need it.

Last night was the night I cleaned out the apartment for the last time. I locked the door for the last time and went down to my car for the last time. I was a little sad but I'm already loving my new house so much that it wasn't as sad as I thought it would be.

I'm beginning to get used to the house. The one thing I wish is that I had a button that controlled the length of the grass. Wouldn't that be nice? You could set it to different lengths and the lawn would grow and retract based on the setting. That would save me from mowing. I'm already hating mowing. I don't mind the front grass so much since it's small. It's the back garden that daunts me; the long grass looks up at me and I know that all it will take to make it pretty is a simple mow but the act of mowing itself is not something I particularly like.

Which is sad. I thought I'd like it. I'm hoping once I'm settled in and it's something I get to do in my own leisure time, rather than have to dash out when I have a spare minute, it'll get easier. Helpful friends have suggested paying a neighbour kid to do it. That's an option...but I have to find some neighbour kids first.

I do have a little bit of help with the grass though. One of the bunnies I noticed when I first moved in, likes to sit on the grass in my back yard and eat. That's quite helpful. Now, he just needs about 100 more friends to make an impact. Though I think 100 rabbits on my back lawn might be a little too much for a suburban neighbourhood. However, I do appreciate the bunny's help though.

Last night, I had to set my rubbish out for the first time. I've never had to do that before. When you live in an apartment, there are dumpsters for you to throw your trash bags into and they are magically emptied once or twice a week. Not with a house; with a house, you have to call and set up your trash disposal and then remember to put it out. I did remember but, naturally, it was right after I'd showered and was in my pajamas. I'm going to write myself a big note for next week.

The other thing with the house is the neighbour's dogs. I mentioned them before. I think they're rat-terriers of some kind or another. Every time I go out, they go mad, barking at me. My neighbour said they'd be friendly so I went over to say hi, hoping if I did that often enough, they'd get used to me. Alas, they were NOT friendly and I was rather afraid they were going to Rat-Terrier my hand off. Why is it that everyone thinks their dogs are friendly but when it comes down to it, they're not? I'm hoping these dogs calm down soon because I've actually started rethinking visits to my yard when they're outside which is rather ridiculous because it's not my fault they're maniac dogs.

So, life is settling down, finally. This is a fact for which I am glad. It's been so chaotic for the past couple of weeks and it's nice to feel like the storm is past and the calm is settling in. For a while there, moving seemed so daunting but as I locked up my apartment last night, I had a nice satisfied feeling that I had done it and I'd done it for the last time in what I hope is, at least, quite a few years time.

Happy Thursday.

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