Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post Traumatic Paint Disorder and Other Things...

I think I'm sleepier this morning than yesterday, if that's possible. I blame it on the fact that I actually had a semi-relaxing evening last night. I refused to go to my house and work just because I knew if I did, it would not be a fun experience.

The sad thing is even when I don't go to the house, I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I dreamed about painting last night. That was not terribly relaxing. Yesterday, I went on a walk at lunch with some coworkers and we happened to pass by a man who was carrying a paint tray and roller. I felt a cold shudder run up and down my spine. I think I might be suffering from a little Post Traumatic Paint Disorder.

Still, here I am, somewhat alert and ready to start my day. Well...ok, so I'm ready to start the day. I'm hoping the alert part will come later.

It's funny how easy it is to follow a morning routine without being really alert. From the moment I stumble out of bed, shutting off the annoying morning radio show since it did it's job and woke me up, I'm usually in a bit of a stupor. Then I turn on the morning news on the TV and start the process of getting ready. I've started to like the news in the mornings; its good company. Today there were no bears in the news. I was quite sad about that. Lately, it seems like there's always a black bear somewhere or other, stumbling into someone's back yard. I like bear stories. Yesterday, the news was featuring a local beef jerky manufacturer. Well, actually, it wasn't the news as much as the weatherman. He was doing an on-site visit of a local beef jerky company that's been rated one of the best in the U.S. I was quite happy for the weatherman since, lately, he's been wrong about the weather almost every day. At least there's not too much he can screw up by talking to someone about beef jerky. On the plus side, they didn't show us how the beef jerky came to be but just showed us the finished result. That was a relief. It's one thing to enjoy the taste of something; it's another thing to actually see the nasty process of how it comes to be. I prefer ignorance with some of my food. That way I can still love a good hot dog, enjoy bacon with my breakfast and eat at KFC.

Still, it was nice to see the weatherman out and about yesterday. He really is a terrible meteorologist. He was the one that promised a nice, sunny, hot and humid 4th of July only two days before the actual day. Then we had a cool, wet and dreary 4th of July. I find it hard to believe that with the amazing live Doppler 10 Thousand or whatever we're up to now, it's so hard to predict the weather two days ahead of time. However, this is why weatherman is the...the weatherman and I am Captain Monkeypants. Maybe it's like one of those mystery novels; weatherman deliberately misleads us so that we keep tuning in to guess whether he'll be right today.

Probably not though. As always, I find my best option is to stick my head out the window and see what the weather's doing. I keep an umbrella in the car. I keep sunglasses in my car. I have a snow shovel, just in case, in the boot of my car. So....I think I'm covered. Though I'm not counting on using the snow shovel for a few months. As much as I love snow, there's a season for that and it is not now.

Clearly, I'm feeling rambly today. I didn't really have a topic in mind when I sat down to write this. Life is a little busy at the moment. I mostly like it that way. I do miss the leisure of sitting down, tapping away at my computer and being able to write whatever I feel like. I have my "office" picked out in my house; I'm planning on furnishing it with a lot of books and my computer and that's it. It'll be my hideaway and hopefully that will push me forward in my writing. I've been at a standstill too long. I've blamed Amazon.com and I've blamed Publisher's Weekly. To some extent, I still blame them but there comes a point when you have to move on. Although I'm sure both Borders and Barnes and Noble are quite happy with my Amazon.com grudge. I've made a firm point of doing all my bookbuying from those two stores. Given my latest obsession with the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I'd say they've both done rather well. It's my private way of sticking my tongue out at Amazon.com. I hold no illusions that they care but it satisfies me to have to work a little harder to shop rather than relying on the old standby of Amazon. Hey, Barnes and Noble offer free shipping too so there, Amazon.com.

Ok, now I'm really babbling. Which means it's time for me to wrap this up for the day. Sometimes it's nice just to write whatever's on my mind. Thanks, as always, for bearing with me and reading.

Happy Tuesday.

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