Friday, July 17, 2009

Slush Puppies make Everything Better...

Mornings like this are muddled. I had to turn around on my way to home to run back to pick up a birthday card to mail to a friend. I hate being late with birthdays, even by a day. Then I get into work and there's a steady flow of morning visitors by my cube. There often is in the mornings: Coworkers stop by to chat. Yet today, my cubicle-neighbour is also in which means there's even more chatter.

Not that I mind but it means my morning isn't off to its routine beginning and sometimes routine is good. At the moment, I need routine because my life is so muddled elsewhere that I'm trying to not feeling like I'm drowning in the stress of moving.

I took a really full carload to the house last night and I still have several to go. I'm trying to take it in pieces, not look at the overwhelming amount of stuff I still feel like I have to do.

Yet it's Friday; I have a weekend to worry and I'm hoping once the movers have taken the furniture tomorrow, it will look less intimidating in my apartment. I'm also looking forward to actually living in my house. That happens...beginning tomorrow.

This has been a week of "lasts". That always happens when I move. For example, today was the last easy commute I have for a while. No longer will I have an 8-minute hop to the office but, instead, have a 40 minute commute again. Once the office moves, I'll be back to a ten minute drive. I'm actually not upset about the commute for now. I like driving; I like the thinking time. Some of my novels were thought up on my commutes to work. It'll be nice to have that time to just let your mind wander.

Last night was also the last time I will sit at my computer in my apartment and email, the last time I'll really make lunch for work in my apartment. I know, I's small stuff but I love my apartment and I'm going to be sad to miss it.

Still, life moves forward and so must I. Last night, I started unpacking my kitchen at the house. I had a rather scary experience as I was measuring my pantry for shelves. The overhead light/fan in the kitchen has a glass globe on it; it fell off and shattered on the floor. I am extremely thankful I wasn't standing under it because, at the very least, it would have hurt. It probably wouldn't have been quite serious so I'm glad I chose that moment to measure my pantry. Needless to say, it got my heart racing a little. Nothing like a near concussive-experience to scare the crap out of you.

So I'm glad it's the weekend. Work has been busy this week. I'd like to think I'm slowly but surely finding out where I fit in my company and now they're starting to realize that my experience is quite useful, I have a lot more work to do. I'm hoping that lasts for a while.

It's nice to be busy but part of me is just longing for life to settle down again so I can be faced only with choices such as "stay here or go to my parent's this weekend?" or "what's for dinner?" At the moment, choosing things such as the height at which to mow my grass or flat paint or semi-gloss are ruling my life. Again, I ask, when, exactly, did I become a grown up? I miss the days of trying to decide which flavour of Slush Puppie to get at the local Pak a Sak.

I miss Slush Puppies. Even in England we used to get Slush Puppies. It was such a treat to get one on a hot day. The only problem I've always have is that I suck the flavour out and am left with a lot of flavourless ice-crystals. I've never understood that. My friends all got them and theirs still had flavour. In fact, that happens to me what kind of frozen drink it is: Arctic Freeze, Icee, Slurpee or Slushie. Hmm....

You know, I pass by a convenience store which has a big Slush Puppie sign in front of it every time I go from my apartment to my house. I'm thinking I'm going to stop there today. Slush Puppies make everything better as long as you go heavy on the syrup, light on the ice. I intend to do just that. Maybe it'll make me feel like a kid again, even for a few minutes.

Sometimes that's all you need. Happy Friday.

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