Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lightbulb Fights in the Office....

It's day two of working from home and I'm liking it rather a lot. I have to admit, I'm being a brat about it and rolling out of bed ten minutes before work and mock-chiding myself, telling myself I'm going to be late if I don't get a move on. I know, I know, it's probably childish but it's just nice to be able to get work done like this. I admit, yesterday I actually probably got more work done in the morning than I usually get done all day.

Of course, it does seem that people are just as chatty online as they are in the office in the mornings. I've only been logged on for just over 30 minutes and I've already had two coworkers drop in for an electronic chat. Not that I mind but when I am actually trying to get my browsers ready to work, it's a little interruptive to have that chat window pop up.

Nevertheless, I have some work to do today which is rather nice. It shouldn't be too challenging but it's the type of work that's perfect to do like this. It sounds sad but I don't have to leave the house today at all and I'm actually excited about that. Last night, I actually had a date which not only involves leaving the house but also involves actually getting ready and trying to look nice. When you've spent the entire day at your computer wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, this is actually somewhat of a task. Still, it was a nice date and worth getting a little dressed up for it.

Today, though, I'm hoping not to be summoned to the new office. I did tell my boss that, being local, I'd be around if he needed physical labour. Apparently, he decided not to harass me and called another coworker in who lives much further away. To that, I merely sigh. What else can I do, honestly? As an invisible employee, I really shouldn't expect anything else. Being invisible has its advantages; it means I can come and go without too much hassle.

Still, there are times when I'm oddly not invisible. Friday in the office for example. Being that it was the last day, it was a little weird. After we finished our final testing on the software we were releasing that day, there really wasn't much to do so my coworkers and I sat and tried to look busy.

Then, mid afternoon, our boss sent one of the programmers to get beer. We all got to drink beer at our desks. To me, this is a good Friday. I mean, who doesn't want to drink beer at work?

After this, our president came downstairs to check our storage closet and he found some fluorescent lightbulbs. Now, to you and me, that'd be sort of like an "Oh, nice. Can we take those with us?" Not to my boss. He picked them up with a look of glee on his face and he looked at me and my two other coworkers. "Know what I'm thinking?" he said. Inwardly, I groan. He's a man. He's one of those men that is sometimes like a adolescent-grown-up. I can see where this is going. My coworkers look at him with puzzlement. I, however, don't. He says, "40 Year Old Virgin." I knew he was going to go with that or Star Wars. Star Wars would have been better...safer. He sees me shaking my head and says "Monkeypants" (naturally, he uses my real name but I prefer Monkeypants here), "You in?" I say, "No, but I'll watch." He squints at me. "You're in," he announces.

He goes away and I think he's forgotten about it. Then I get summoned outside. I get handed a lightbulb. My president has recruited another employee to join in. They hold long, skinny lightbulbs. Mine is a short, stubby one.

We go outside to the car park. I watch as the two men idiotically hit each other very hard on the back of the legs with the lightbulbs, which proceed to shatter with the blow. Then they turn to me. "I'm not hitting you with this!" I say in horror. They close in on me. I show them my lightbulb. There is no way it's going to shatter with one blow because it really is twice as thick as their's. Also, it's shorter which means it's far more likely to shatter in my hands causing a nasty injury than it is on their legs. Finally they give up and tell me I have to break it against the dumpster. That, I do. I admit, there was something satisfying about that and I didn't hurt anyone or hurt myself. I think the men were disappointed that I was a chicken but, at the same time, I'm the one that did not have a giant welt across the back of my knees for the rest of the day. Thus, there is something to be said for being a chicken though I prefer "Intelligent One."

So, that was my last day of work in the old office. It was, obviously, a little surreal. It was also sort of fun. It's not everyday you see your company president whacking someone with a lightbulb. Ironically, he doesn't even drink beer so that wasn't a factor.

I don't expect life in the new office will be quite like that. We're actually going to be surrounded by other companies in our office park so I'm not sure lightbulb fights will be sanctioned. Nevertheless it was one of those most fun, if strangest days at work I'd had in a while so I wouldn't be opposed to it. As long as I didn't have to be whacked.

Today, it's quiet at home. I don't forsee me having the desire to go break another lightbulb. Besides, I only have the normal screw-in kinds and that's just not the same. Also, there's glass. Glass makes a mess. It made a huge mess by the dumpster in the car park on Friday but our president didn't seem to mind.

No, instead, I think I'll focus on getting my work done in a decent time frame so that I can stop and do domestic-y things. Yesterday, for example, I baked a quiche. That was quite fun. Today, I'm not sure what I'll do but I'm sure I'll find something. I'm heading to my parents tomorrow morning having decided to take Wednesday off from work and use one of my precious PTO days so, at the very least, I can figure out what I need to pack.

Thus, since I'll be driving when I'm normally blogging tomorrow, this may be my last blog for the week. And thus, I shall wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it's a time filled with gratitude (since it is THANKSgiving), family (without drama) and good food. I thank you for reading, you make blogging fun and I appreciate the time you spend with me when you do read.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving.

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