Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Penalty of Snow....

It's Friday tomorrow. Not only is it Friday but it's the Friday before a long weekend. Three pure, unobliterated days of not having to work. I can live with that.

My weekend is already shaping up way differently than I'd planned. As I mentioned earlier in the week, my best friend Saz was supposed to come in to visit from Washington D.C. Unfortunately, nature intervened and made travel slightly difficult. I suppose two feet of snow will do that for you, as people in Washington D.C. are experiencing.

I'm sad that Ms. Saz will not be coming to visit quite yet. She has, however, rebooked for Memorial Day weekend and I find it highly unlikely that a blizzard or several inches of snow will be impeding that visit. If so, I think we'd be having much more serious problems than just the weather.

It doesn't make me like snow any just means that it misbehaved, that's all. When I did the snow dance two weeks ago, I certainly didn't think it would have this affect. Thus, I claim no responsibility. I suppose it's the penalty of winter.

So, now, I have an unplanned weekend. I'm sure I'll find ways to fill it: I usually do. I have a sequel to write and a novel to format so I can publish it on the Kindle and the Nook. I have food to cook, books to read, movies to watch. I'll just miss seeing Saz for a couple more months.

In addition, it's Valentines Day. As we singleton's like to call it "Single Awareness Day." While I respect Valentines Day and honour the fact that it's a good day to avoid going out to restaurants lest we singletons choke on the bitterness of having to buy our own chocolate and flowers, I'm not a fan. I liked it best when we were young children and everyone got to put anonymous Valentine's cards in a communal box for delivery in school. I usually got one or two. I always tried to ignore the girls with their desks piled high with cards but it was hard to ignore that. My cards were from friends. I always longed for an anonymous admirer but, alas, it never came.

It didn't make me bitter, just as I'm not bitter now. I admit, I do get a little bitter when it's December 26th and Christmas, my favourite holiday, has already surrendered its greens, reds, golds and silvers to the overwhelmingly garish glow of reds and pinks as the Valentine's aisles take over the store but that's only because I think Christmas should last longer.

No, when it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm of the opinion that it's a perfectly nice made-up holiday. It's a Hallmark holiday. It means something to those people who are in love but those of us who keep hoping merely look on it as a reminder that we've either made terrible choices or we just haven't been lucky. But it doesn't have to be that way, does it? Does Valentines have to be a day about romantic love or can it just be about celebrating any kind of love?

I think, If I had kids, I'd send them cards. If I was going home, I'd probably give my nephews and nieces and even parents one of my Harry Potter Valentine's cards that I bought. They're the kids kind of Valentines that come 18 to a box and say things like, "Thanks for being a great friend- Happy Valentine's Day." I like that idea of Valentines'. The pressure is off, it's celebrating love but not the ooey-gooey kind that only really and truly happens on the big screens and TV screens in front of us; in reality it's messy, painful, insane and realistic and, from what I know from my friends who are lucky enough to have found it, worth every minute.

This year, Saz and I had planned on having sharing Valentine's Day as singles. We've done it before. We go to a movie, drink wine and talk about the positives of still being single. Since we won't be able to do that, I think I'll honour the day by not being bitter but, instead, respecting those around me who celebrate the day and enjoying the fact that it's a day upon which I don't have to buy anyone a gift. Also, it's a day to appreciate those I love, whether romantic or otherwise. I am lucky enough to have quite a few of those. So even though it won't quite be the weekend I planned, it won't be wasted. It'll make me think about how lucky I am to have people I love in my life, even if it isn't the red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes or even heart-stamped boxer short kind of love that retailers seem to think is necessary to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Also, I'll celebrate February 15th just as happily. It may not have an official name but, to me, it's always going to be "50% off all that chocolate you couldn't be bothered to buy for your true love" day.

Now that's another day worth celebrating. And since I love chocolate and Valentines is about love, it fits when you think about it.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! (And happy Valentine's Day to all!)

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