Monday, February 22, 2010

Still in Weekend-Mode...

Just a short blog tonight. It's been a long and tiring Monday as they so often are. I think it's harder on Mondays because you're still in Weekend Mode. For me, Weekend Mode means knowing I can relax in the mornings because my alarm is not going to go off and rudely awaken me from sleep. I know that weekends don't have as much structure, that there are two blissful days off peace before the rigor of work sets in again. Weekend Mode means that I don't like having to do anything. When you're at work, Weekend Mode doesn't work well because there's always something you have to do.

Today went slowly, as Mondays usually do. I know I worked and got some things accomplished but ask me to look back and tell you what I did and I'd be hard pressed to tell you. Of course, my job makes it easier because we now have this efficient (aka- annoying) time keeping system to keep track of what work we do. Every twenty minutes a window pops up and says "[Captain Monkeypants] What are you doing?"

So far, I've been a very good little Monkeypants and I obediently tell the little window what I've been working on during the last twenty minutes. I can't tell you how often the temptation arises to be a little more honest and say things like: "Staring into space, trying to look busy," or "eating a banana," or "playing with my iPod," or "surreptiously surfing the internet on my Blackberry."

I don't think my boss would like that though. It was his idea to implement this time-keeping system so we could keep better track of our time for future project planning. So, like a good little employee, I tell the little window what I'm supposed to be doing. That way, it looks like I'm being productive even if I have taken a break to walk to the kitchen to get away from my computer for a while. My boss doesn't seem to notice. Besides, a good rule of thumb in any company is if you are running away from your desk, always take a piece of paper with you and walk fast. No one ever stops you when you do this, it's just a rule: You look busy, therefore, people assume you are. Granted, in my building, it's really just a big circle but even that's better than sitting in my cubicle at times. Usually though, I go to our optimistic bathroom and hide in there for a while.

I find myself hiding a little more on Mondays. It's hard to get into the swing of things and I like to move at my own pace. Still, tomorrow is another day and since I have no excuse for being in Weekend Mode, I suppose I better make sure I'm busier.

Then again, maybe I'll just take more papers with me when I run away. That way I look busy.

Happy Tuesday.

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