Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day! (Even if we are off work already, anyway!)

It's a late blog today. It's rare, these days, that I actually get to blog on the day that the blog is intended to be read. However, since it's a holiday today- Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents- I can blog late.

It's probably a good thing it's a holiday today. It's really, really snowing out there. According to Mr. Weatherman, we, here, in Cincinnati, Ohio are located in the 'bullseye' of the winter storm. At the moment it's snowing heavily, the kind of snow that doesn't waste time with pretty, slow-falling fluffy flakes. No, it's the hard snow that looks like rain only it's snow.

All told, by the time it's done, we're supposed to have nine new inches of snow on the ground. They're already reporting that the airport has closed some of its runways. Since the storm is to continue through early tomorrow, we can only assume that not many flights are coming in and out.

Which leads me to be quite grateful that Saz could not come in for the weekend. As much fun as we would have had, I can safely say that as I had feared, she would have been stuck. I'm thinking Memorial Day is a much safer option for a future visit :)

In the meantime, I get to stay inside today. I have plans to cook, to write and to just enjoy the fact that this is a snow day, even if it is only a happy accident that I don't have to risk my life and my car to get to the office. I have no illusions that my company is likely to suddenly recognize the fact that it has human beings working for them and thus issue an email telling us that we should work at home if possible tomorrow. I mean, in an ideal world, that would be the right thing to do but my company doesn't do the right thing, it does the thing that will allow them to continue to try to make money. I suppose that is the purpose of a corporation.

Anyway, I'm not dwelling on work today. I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to go. I've already had a pleasant two days off, this is a bonus. I ended up deciding that I was going to appreciate the fact that I was a singleton on Valentine's Day and I did exactly as I pleased. This involved eating butternut squash ravioli with sage butter sauce while watching "Across the Universe" on DVD in the comfort of my own home. I also went to the movies earlier in the day and saw, appropriately, "Valentine's Day." It was a good choice for, you know, Valentine's Day, although at any other time of year, it could be considered overly cheesy and predictable. Also, there's just some stuff in there that is so over-the-top in trying to hit the 'romantic' point home that everyone in the audience laughed instead of giving the 'AWWW!' response that I suspect the filmaker was going for.

But it was a good choice for Valentine's Day. It was a nice end to a 'normal' weekend but since I get to take today off, the weekend still continues. I think I shall celebrate the snow day by doing some projects I haven't had time to do lately. I have a sock monkey that I've been waiting to sew, courtesty of RadLinc Crafts. I also want to get my novel formatted and ready for the Nook and Kindle. Of course, at some point, I do have to work in shoveling my driveway. However, it's hard to know the right point at which to shovel because it's going to keep snowing and thus, I'll only have to dig again later.

For now though, I am going to continue to watch the snow fall and be very grateful that I do not have to go anywhere in it. As for tomorrow, well, that's another day and another blog.

Happy Monday!

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Fe said...

:) Let me know how the sock monkey goes. Thanks for the shout out. Stay warm and safe.