Sunday, July 11, 2010

In Which I Decided to Divorce Walmart...

I have to say, my weekend started better than it ended.

On Friday evening, I had once-more working air conditioning and two rather subdued but healthy puppies back from the vet after their spay. I decided that this would be a weekend of just staying at home, relaxing and keeping an eye on the puppies.

Saturday was nice. The only thing I had to do was go grocery shopping and so I went to Kroger and Walmart to get that done.

I've decided that it's time for me to officially divorce Walmart, by the way. Back when Walmart was just...Walmart- before it became Walmart Super Center- Walmart was fun. It was a little messy but it felt comfortable. The prices were lower and it was fun to go there and see what they had.

I enjoyed my relationship with Walmart. Truth-be-told, when I first moved to California, one of my favourite things to do when I came home was go to Walmart because they're a little harder to find in L.A.

Then, as time passed, Walmart stopped being so convenient, their prices went up...and then they remodeled. Their stores now have a warehouse feel and it's just not appealing- well, not to me, at least.

Every time I go in Walmart, I walk around, annoyed that they don't have what I'm looking for. When they do have it, I usually get a choice of the Walmart generic brand and the most expensive name brand. There's not much inbetween. I find myself more and more leaving Walmart, disgusted at how, once again, the store has failed me and rather than continue shopping for other things I need, I'd rather go to Kroger to do my shopping.

Thus, the bloom is now off the rose. As of Saturday when i still believed Walmart had lower prices on some stuff and carried things I couldn't necessarily find at Kroger...I'm officially ending the relationship with Walmart. We had our good times. We had fun together. But as we've grown older, we've become strangers. If it were really a marriage, this would probably be the stage where I'd lie in bed with my husband and start envisioning mean things I could do to him. If you've ever read Roald Dahl's book, The Twits- that's how I'm feeling towards Walmart. It's about a horrible husband and wife who try to do the cruelest things they can think of to each other because they dislike each other. At least, that's the way I remember it.

Anyway, I'm fed up of going to Walmart, hopeful that I'll get everything on my shopping list and finding that I'm always having to compromise or, worse, do without. So, bye Walmart- if I have to go into your walls, I'll be cordial but I don't expect anything anymore and I'd prefer that we remain strangers. It's not's you.

So, aside from Walmart and Kroger- a store which continues to meet my expectations- I spent much of the day with the puppies. I had to do a bit of stern mothering when they tried to play like they normally did but, for the most part, I kept them calm.

Of course, the Dog Whisperer didn't help much with that. Ironically, I'd run into him at the vets. This was not too much of a coincidence since I got the referral for the vet from Wife of Dog Whisperer. However, this means that Dog Whisperer was fully away my pups had just been spayed and that maybe, just maybe, they would want a bit of peace. Or, at the very least, I might want them to have a little peace.

Alas, this was not meant to be since he let his yappy beasts out every single time I went out with the puppies. Now, normally, I leave the back door open a crack to let the puppies go in and out how they want. While it doesn't excuse the barking of Dog Whisperer's pets, it means that by allowing the puppies to run freely and knowing that their mere presence sets off the yaps, I do have a little responsibility there. Not much, but a little.

Of course, if I had my way about it and wanted to be completely mean, I'd be honest and say that yes, my puppies make his dogs bark but, really, his dogs shouldn't be barking like that in the first place. What is interesting is that on one of my recent vet visits, I tactfully asked the vet for suggestions on how to handle it. I figured that since she was their vet too, she knew they were yappy and may have some suggestions. She suggested a privacy fence and said it would go a long way to, "alleviate the tension that exists between you and your neighbours."

Now, call me paranoid but well, since I hadn't expressed any tension but merely asked for advice, I can't help but wonder if Dog Whisperer has mentioned some tension. Given that he no longer makes any effort whatsoever to control his dogs' barking, I can't help but wonder. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt but, well, I'm finding it hard. Also, now I've realized how pricey a privacy fence is to build (over $1000), I'm finding it hard to feel like I should be the one to construct the fence.

Back to my original point- he let the dogs out every single time I was out with the girls. We went out once every couple of hours. Most of the day, the girl's slept. It's not that hard to look over and see if someone's in the yard next door before you let the dogs out. I do it all the time with the yappy beasts. I did it on Saturday, as a matter of fact so I knew when it would be a good time to take the girls out so they didn't start running around because of the barking next door. All my efforts to make sure the coast was clear went out the window when he let his dogs out anyway.

What made it worse was he came to fence to encourage my puppies to run and play. The puppies didn't know any better. They were probably sore and a little tired from their surgery but their first instinct is to be a puppy, not lie down and relax.

Needless to say, I made sure we went inside and I told the Dog Whisperer it would be better if the girls didn't get too excited. He did what he usually did- gave me a blank look and stood up. He doesn't talk much to me. Sometimes I wonder if he can't understand what I'm saying because he rarely responds to my questions or comments. It's a bit odd.

So, all in all, Saturday wasn't bad. It was nice and lazy.

Then I woke up on Sunday and realized my air conditioner wasn't working. Again. The technician on Friday had told me my 'high pressure switch had reset itself.' He reset it for me and it started working. He didn't know why it reset itself. This time, it seems to be the same problem.

It's not as hot as it was the last time the air conditioning broke but it's still hot. The worst part is trying to keep the puppies cool. I'm really hoping that the air conditioning repair company doesn't try to charge me for a second visit because really, I called them to fix it in the first place. Since they didn't really fix anything, I think that deserves another visit for free...right?

So, all in all, I decided that today was going to be a lazy day. I've done very little but watch Spain beat the Netherlands in the World Cup final match. I've been watching episodes of Top Chef and I've been making sure the puppies stay cool and not too hot. I think sometimes, when life doesn't go the way you plan or the way you want, it's best to just sit back and relax rather than stress about it. Or, at least stress while you're doing something fun.

I'm really hoping that someone will come and fix the air conditioner tomorrow but, in the meantime, we're in for another hot night.

If this continues, I might have to change my name to Captain Crankypants.

I apologize for being crotchety. I blame the heat. And the Dog Whisperer.

Happy Monday!

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