Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rapidly Rushing Weekends...

The weekend is over already and I feel like it's just getting started.

That's the problem with weekends. They go by so quickly that even when you struggle to hold onto them, they wriggle free and, before you know it, Sunday evening is here and there's only a few short hours before you have to go to bed. I suppose you don't have to go to bed but if you're like me and want to stand any chance of being even mildly functional on a Monday morning, sleep is good.

Ah well, I suppose the best weekends are those that go by in a blur. I can't say my weekend was so exciting that I couldn't see it passing but it was a good, solid weekend.

For one thing, we had air conditioning. Since I was at my parents' last weekend, this was the first weekend that the puppies and I have been home where the air conditioning was working. It's a luxury although I'm a bit afraid of my heating bill. However, when it's 92 degrees out there and the humidity is making it feel like 101 degrees, it's too sticky and muggy to try to survive without it.

I suppose I could try to survive. I've done it before and I'll probably do it again but one of the luxuries of being an adult is that you can choose whether to turn it on or not.

I'm finding these adult decisions are affecting my life far too much lately. For example, this time last year, I was returning from a trip to Comic-con. I was excited. I had enjoyed myself. This year, the friend/coworker who I introduced to Comic-con last year went by herself while I stayed in Ohio.

I was little worried I was going to regret that decision. I decided not to go because it's an expensive trip and I didn't think I wanted to go. Yet part of me was worried that I was trying to fool myself, that I really wanted to go but was trying to be a grown-up.

However, this past week was Comic-con and though my friend updated her Facebook status sometimes hourly to tell the world what she was doing currently at the convention, I found that I didn't really care. I didn't have any stirrings of envy. I've been three times before. The crush of the Exhibition Hall was fun for those three years. It was fun to see the panels, to see the stars of the TV shows I love right there in front of me, talking about the show. It was fun to talk to people who loved the same things I did.

Except I've been there, done that. I didn't want to go this year and I have absolutely no regrets that I didn't go.

My coworker will return tomorrow with stories of the convention and I'll listen, slightly interested, curious to see how it compared to last year's Comic-con. I'll probably get sick of hearing the same stories, of hearing that it was "awesome" every time someone stops by to see how her trip went.

I think what it comes down to is that I'm becoming one of those older folk who is politely interested in things like Comic-con but I have other things to worry about. My idea of a dream vacation this year would be a long weekend in Maine, staying by the ocean.

Unfortunately, with the air conditioning breakage and the expenses of everyday living, my dream vacation will have to remain a dream. Also, I have puppies and the idea of being away from them is a little scary.

So, no vacation for me this year. I'm not too unhappy about it. As long as I have weekends, I'll be able to enjoy my summer. Oh, wait, let me correct that: As long as I have weekends with air-conditioning, I'll be able to enjoy my summer.

If only the weekends didn't go by quite so fast. Ah well, 'tis the nature of life.

Happy Monday!

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