Friday, November 14, 2008

The Office, Weatherly and other Random Babble...

It's been a very long week. I'm sure most people will agree. As I've mentioned, I've been stuck in training all week. It hasn't been bad. It's been exhausting. Paying attention is always exhausting. Weatherly continued to be a pain in the bottom. She even went so far as to demand one on one with a trainer yesterday during the regular training time. He didn't want to give her the time but she just kept interrupting our session and so, sheepishly, he lead her out of the room.

She came back, armed with even more knowledge which she proceeded to demonstrate to the other instructor who was currently lecturing. Weatherly interrupted a lot with questions that proved she had no idea what was going on and, worse, she thought she did.

Still, she's leaving today. It's a Friday and I'm so ready for the weekend, I can't imagine how the day will pass quickly enough to get through it. I'm tired and I'm ready to get out of here.

I never did finish my book last night. I had to watch Grey's Anatomy. Normally, that's my Thursday evening commitment. I record The Office and 30 Rock and watch Grey's. I'll be blogging about that show in my CaptainTV blog but let's just say I'm rather worried about the show. And not in the "I'm so committed, I care about the characters" way but I think the show is taking a scary turn for the absurd. I can stretch my imagination so far but when a show like Greys, always slightly farfetched but always entertaining takes a jump into the absurd, I worry. On the other hand, The Office was awesome.

The funny thing about The Office is that when I first heard they were making it into a show in the U.S., I dismissed it. I was and am a huge fan of the BBC version, Ricky Gervais is genius in his role- making you squirm and grimace with the sure disbelief that anyone could be that oblivious. I loved my Gareth and I loved my Tim and I was certain that the American remake was going to be awful.

Before you assume I'm a snob, bear in mind that I love the UK version of Coupling too- a Friends type show that is a lot more frank, blunt and upfront about sex and situations that arise in relationships. Hilarious- if you haven't seen it, watch it. The U.S. tried a version of that. It was horrendous. It was actually worse than horrendous. They took the UK script and remade it with American accents. It. Did. Not.Work. UK and US humour is very different and what was funny and slightly naughty in the UK translated as baffling and very stiff. That's what she said [a Tribute to Michael Scott].

But The Office is different. I ignored the first season but finally decided to rent it when I was bored. It took a couple of episodes and I was addicted. Season 2 is still my favourite, Office Olympics one of the sweetest, funniest portrayals of cubicle life I've seen on TV. The writers of that show get the office dynamic- how coworkers may hate each other but being stuck together for 8 hours a day does form a sticky bond. They tease each other, they mock but they're really cruel. Steve Carrell in the Ricky Gervais role is strangely lovable, cringeworthy and worthy of much pity, a pretty complex way to play what could be a silly role.

I won't keep on- I have TV blog for that. I will say though that as soon as The Office struck out on its own, moving away from the recycled BBC plots and smoothly shaping it to an American sense of humour, it hit its stride and if you haven't watched it, you should.

Anyway, I'm babbling. I think we've established we do that. I love to blog but sometimes it's hard to be deep all the time. Besides, it's Friday and I'm tired and can't wait to go home. I'm waiting for the next session to start and it's going to be complicated.

So, on this gloomy and early Friday morning, I will end this blog far more quickly and poetically than usual. Next week, I'll be back at work and I promise to be more entertaining. Thanks again for reading and have a great weekend.

Happy Friday.

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