Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kit-Kat Wars and (Hopefully) Quiet Days....

It's a bright sunny day today. It's supposed to get up into the seventies this afternoon. For October in the Midwest, that's rather nice. I did think about writing the next installment of Humberto the Strawberry of DOOOOOM but I'm going to hold off on that just because today doesn't feel like a good Humberto day. Some days just don't feel like good Humberto days.

I did get my apple peeled yesterday, you'll be happy to know. I managed to do it in one long coil. Then I ate the peel. My coworkers were a little baffled as to why I'd peel the apple and then still eat the peel but the thing is, I like the peel. It's tasty. I don't always peel my apples but sometimes it's just fun but I'm not going to waste the peel. I'm not sure what today's creative project will be but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Yesterday, I ended up having two meetings. The meetings are a little monotonous but the nice thing about meetings at this time of the year is there's always chocolate and sweets in the meeting room. Someone is always bringing in one of those bags of miniature chocolate bars. I don't always want chocolate but sometimes, it's just nice. Especially when it's the only thing standing between you and a power nap while your boss is talking.

Yesterday, my meetings were with the President of our company. He's my boss's boss. When he's in a good mood, he's a lot of fun. When he's in a bad mood, we hide. Fortunately, yesterday he was in a good mood. I'm glad because when we both discovered the was one Kit-Kat hidden in the bottom of the candy jar, we almost came to blows. Fortunately, I won. I suppose I should have done the polite thing and given it to him but I like Kit-Kat's. He did say that the person who gets it quickest can have it so I simply snatched the jar, emptied the entire contents out, took the Kit-Kat and returned the rest of the chocolate to the jar and offered it to him.

He sighed and took a Snickers bar. I did offer him one of the sticks of Kit-Kat but only after he'd seen me put my fingers on it. I knew he'd refuse.

Sadly, I think that was the highlight of my meeting. I didn't even get to doodle because I had to actually pay attention. That is a sad thing.

I'm not sure what's on the table at work for today.I have no meetings so that's good. Of course, since I've been in the office, I've managed to discover one of our servers is down again and I'm the liaison between the developers and the users. It's funny- I don't do this kind of thing very often anymore but it's what I used to do all the time in my old job at USC. Back then, if I could figure out the problem, they'd let me fix it. Here, there are very defined roles as to who does what. It makes for an easy fix...I just tell someone something's broken and that's it. I like to fix things myself. Of course, I did have to resort to using an ice-cream scoop to start the decaf coffee this morning so maybe I shouldn't say that. Yes, sadly, my handy trick of simply hitting the button didn't work so I had to wedge it with an ice-cream scoop. I can no longer mock my coworkers for doing the same thing.

It seems like it's going to be a fairly quiet day here. Then again, none of our days are particularly loud. For one thing, we get told off if we get too loud. For another, there's not much going on aside from the every day stuff. Now we have our move date, there's a strange sense of anti-climactisim going on. Up until now,e very meeting we had as a company, someone would ask
"When are we moving?" and we'd here. "We don't know but we know it won't be before"

Now we technically know when we're moving. We also know, technically, that we're going have to work at home for a day or two while our stuff is moved. Since it's the week of Thanksgiving, I have the urge to say, "Does it have to be my home?" I mean, that would be rather lovely to be able to work from my parent's house since I'll be spending Thanksgiving with them anyway. But, alas, that's not allowed. Of course, given that my house is ten minutes from the new office, it's not like I'm complaining. The people who are complaining are those that will now have to commute when they've had the luxury of working ten minutes from home. It's like the office has been flipped: the people who live closer to the new building- the majority of the office- is getting excited. The local people who live near where we currently work are all crotchety and complaining about the drive. Some of them are even indignant that they have to drive because that wasn't part of their condition in being hired; they took this job so they wouldn't have to drive. The same people are trying tactics such as including the drive time as part of the work day. To that, I say, "don't be ridiculous!"

I feel sorry for them, I do. I bought my house closer to where we will be working than where we're working now. I've been commuting for three months now and there are times when it's a pain in the neck. It was nice to be able to leave the office and be home in ten minutes. It was nice on days where I'm tired and sluggish and I just want to go home and it was nice if I forgot something and had to run home at lunch. Now I live 45 minutes away, it's not so convenient but it's also not so bad. I've taken to listening to audiobooks, as I've mentioned. It's nice to see the beautiful scenery. It's also a good way to decompress if I've had 'one of days.'

I can see why the people in the office are upset because they don't want to have to drive. I just think some of them are acting rather immature about it. I've heard fits of quiet venting to one another. I've heard snarky comments uttered aloud in meetings. I've heard rather a lot of venom in regards to the subject. Overall, it's not a popular decision among the locals.

As for me, I'm going to miss my audiobooks but I'm not going to miss the $30 I'm spending in gas each week. Once upon a time, a tank of gas lasted me two weeks if I drove to work and made the odd trip out of town to shop. Now, I'm lucky if I can get seven days out of a tank. It also means I'll soon be having a little brown, rather longish dog named Sausage coming to live with me. I promised he'd move in with me as soon as the commute to work ended and so soon, he'll be an Ohio resident.

My other coworker just came in. She's in a foul mood, it seems. She's already sighing and typing quickly into her instant messenger. She does that a lot. It usually means something's wrong. I probably should ask but...I don't want to. She'll tell us if there's drama. She always does.

Maybe the day won't be so quiet after all.

Happy Thursday.

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