Monday, December 21, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas

It's a snowy day out there today. Naturally, I'm extremely happy about that. I didn't even do the snow dance. I think it's important to state that outright, that Sausage and I did NOT do the dance, nor did we communicate on the subject of snow.

The reason it's important to state that is because my good friend and loyal blog reader, Saz, had a bit of a snowy situation this weekend. As has been mentioned, Saz lives in Washington D.C. If you watch the news, you'll have seen that Washington D.C. got a little dumped on with snow this weekend. Saz was supposed to fly out at the crack of dawn on Saturday. By midday on Friday, her flight had already been cancelled. So was her rebooked one. Finally, last night, she was able to fly home for the holidays.

I'm glad for her. She had planned her vacation time wisely, trying to get as much family time in as possible. As a former holiday flier, there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to get home when you plan on it becuase of weather, bad airlines, any of the many factors that are part of flying. However, she made it home and I'm glad for her.

And I promise, the snow was NOT my fault. Even my own sister blames me anyway. Apparently, putting a status of "I hope it snows but not enough to upset travel plans," on Facebook, that's considered a contributory factor in the weather. It's not my fault I adore the white stuff. I just want a white Christmas. I'm a classicist. Snow and Christmas are meant to be.

It's nice to be able to appreciate the snow. I'm off from work this week. I decided to use my precious PTO and actually have a real Christmas week. I'm glad. I need a vacation, a chance to regroup and stop being quite so snarky about things at work. You'll be happy to know, by the way, that the popcorn maker WAS finally used. It makes...popcorn. The popcorn tastes quite nice except there's no butter and people don't like to use salt. I tried a kernal just to see what the fuss was about. It tasted a bit styrofoamy because of the lack of seasoning but it smelled nice.

That's the problem with popcorn in general. It's instant enticement. For me, it means I suddenly want to be at the movies, sitting back in my seat, tub of popcorn in my lap, ready to be distracted from life by escaping into a motion picture. This, naturally, is a bit of a problem when you're at work. It's not like you can say, "hey, I'm taking the afternoon off to go see "Avatar" or something like that." Bosses don't understand impulses like that. I think it would be dandy for companies to start offering a little "Free Fun Time" where you can randomly blow off work for an afternoon to do something like that. Of course, realistically that would most likely cause mass chaos and mess but the idea is nice, right?

Anyway, I'm not at work this week. Instead, I'm ensconsed at my parent's in snowy northeastern Indiana, about to go Christmas shopping and walk in a winter wonderland. I might be doing that alone though. Apparently, no one in my family likes snow the way I do. Not even Sausage even though he does do the snow dance with me.

Silly dog.

Happy Monday.

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