Monday, December 7, 2009

A Snowy Start to the Week

Another Monday has passed. It started out very snowy. This was quite unexpected. I had gone to bed thinking there was a 'chance of snow' and woken up to hear Mr. Weatherman say it was snowing quite a lot. One quick peek out of the window later and I'd confirmed that it was, indeed, snowing. It was beautiful. There wasn't enough for a full ground-cover but there was enough for a dusting, enough to settle on the festive decorations in people's front yards and declare them ready for Christmas.

Naturally, I was happy about the snow. Driving to work was tough because even though I only have two roads to navigate, some of it hadn't cleared and had frozen over but slowing down and using caution worked nicely. Even though I'd left ten minutes early, I arrived ten minutes early into the office. I was greeted by a coworker who said, "must be nice to be you!" I think it was meant in that way that people use when they're a little jealous but trying to sound like they're being tough and resiliant. However, it came out rather bitter.

I confess that, yes, I do rather enjoy backing out of my warm garage and NOT scraping my car. It was a little tricky navigating down my bendy street that is narrowed significantly when cars park on both sides, as it was this morning, but I also enjoyed that even though the road to the office was snowy and icy, it was a straight-shot. What I don't appreciate is masked-bitterness by people who decide they hate that I live so close. These are the same people who seem to forget that, up until a week ago, I had their reverse commute. It didn't snow during my commuting days, a fact for which I am grateful. Yet, at any time, it could have. I might not have liked it but I made a conscious decision to buy my little house in the neighbourhood in which I now live, knowing that I might have a 45 minute commute for a while.

I do feel for the commuters. It's not that I don't have sympathy. I just don't have sympathy for the slightly-viscious verbal lash-out I got from two people who were angry I had it so easy.

Nevertheless, it snowed. I had visions of peppermint hot chocolate dancing in my head, a reward for a long day at work. I had visions of going into my backyard and spinning and letting snowflakes dance on my tongue.

Yes, I know I'm a thirty-something year-old Monkeypants but if I feel like acting like I'm a child, I certainly will. I'm not too young to be a curmudeonly old person!

By mid-morning, the snow had melted, dashing my cliche winter ideas. I feel certain that if it had continued to snow, I would have had a good day at work. Yet, reality always sets in and so my grand hopes for a nice day at work turned into the usual slightly-irksome routine of trying to seem enthuiastic about my job but feeling slightly violent all the same.

Yet, I don't want to waste this blog venting about work. It was a Monday. That says it all. A snowy Monday beats a normal Monday but when the snow melts, all I have left is a vague reminder that it might have started nicely but it is, after all, a Monday.

Instead, I'm going to just sit back in my nice cosy bed, for this is where I am blogging, and be grateful that I have good friends and a great family in whom I can confide. I have a couple of good friends at work who do understand why I can't always smile and more friends outside who love me, even when I'm negative. Best of all, I have a mother who never fails to let me unleash the wrath of a bad day at work and still doesn't hang up on me.

So, all in all, though it was an un-good day in the office, it started well and ended with me feeling loved and happy for good friends and family. It will truly end with me getting to curl up in a warm bed with a good book and a glass of wine. In truth, there's not better end to a day than that, no matter how bad the middle of the day felt. Any day that starts with snow has an advantage.

Happy Tuesday!

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