Monday, March 29, 2010

Days of Incompletion...

Today has been the kind of day in which I had a lot to do but very little has been done. I think we all have days like that- days where we intend to check of a 'to-do' list but end up just staring at it, wondering what we were thinking being that ambitious.

It was like that at work and it's been like that this evening. This morning, I discovered that the book that I've been so proudly selling is actually a previous version, far from the nicely-edited one I'd sent for publication. This means that I have a lot of little mistakes sitting out there, thinkgs that I know I once fixed but are now back again.

So, tonight, I planned to edit the book. I managed to get it done on the hard copy but I have yet to get the electronic, uploadable copy done.

I could stay up until 1 a.m., trying to get it done but I have puppies and they need a routine at the moment.

Speaking of puppies, I'm learning that Mondays are hard for them. They have a weekend with me, limited crate time, unlimited love from their mum. Then Monday comes and the hours in the crate are longer. They get angry with me and try to 'punish' me for leaving them. It doesn't help that I feel guilty about it already.

So, in the end, I've had one of those unproductive days. It was gloomy to begin with, never quite getting sunny, rain always on the edge of the clouds. Fortunately, I have no deadlines at work at the moment. I'm working on my own schedule. While I like being so busy, the time flies, there is something rather nice about having some days in which I have work to do but I can work without feeling like I may not get done.

As long as there aren't too many of those days, I think it's going well. I've come a long way in the past few months. I've moved from a place where I very nearly hated my job to actually coming close to liking it some days. I've learned to distance myself from the office cliques that caused so much of my dislike in the first place and I've learned to leave the job behind when I go home. In addition, I've managed to publish a book- albeit one that now, again, needs editing and adopt two puppies. All in all, it's been a busy couple of months.

It's also been a fast couple of months. It seemed like only days ago that I was taking down the Christmas tree and thinking that I had quite a few more snowy weeks before I had to pull out the Spring clothing. Now, already, they're predicting temperatures near 80 degrees. All my Spring clothes are still put-away. My winter clothes won't do. I think I may have to delve into my boxes to find something to wear.

Still, the changes of the seasons are what make life fun. It's one of the reasons that Southern California became too much. All that sunshine without a break makes a slightly dark and twisted person like me a little unhappy. As I've said before, I need my precipitation. I need my clouds, my thunderstorms and, most of all, my snow.

I think the snow is probably done for now. Now, on the week of Easter, it's looking like it's going to be a fully-fledged Spring week. I caught sight of the first forsythia today- the yellow glow stunning against the grey backdrop of an almost-rainy day.

So, even though I didn't get much accomplished today, I can't say it was just has no sense of closure. But it's only Monday- there's a whole week ahead to get things done.

Happy Tuesday!

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