Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eventful Spring Days....

It was another Spring-like day today. The first crocuses in my garden are blooming, one purple, one white, one yellow. I planted a ton of them because i love to see them spring up out of the faded green, yellowish grass, up from the leaf-covered dirt and surprise us with their chipper-colours. My daffodils will follow and then I can truly say Spring is here.

While I love winter, I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to start thinking about my garden, being about to walk the puppies without needing a coat, finding ways to explore the outdoors. It's supposed to be nice all week, which should make even more flowers bloom.

This is turning into an eventful week. For one thing, there are puppies. Each day is a new adventure with them. Tonight, it was bath night.

My experience with dogs and baths is that, generally, they don't like them. Then they get angry with you and either try to make you as wet as they are or they run around, rolling in the grass, trying to dry off and then proceed to let you know they are NOT happy with you.

Well, my puppies clearly hadn't had a bath yet. They cried in the sink as I washed them. Then I wrapped them in a warm towel. They cried. They ran around whimpering for some time. Then when I was done bathing them, I had to wrap them in the towel and cuddle with them. Then they followed me, crying. So I put them in their bed wrapped in an old sweater and they finally stopped crying.

Ironically, it wasn't cold. I think they just hated the bath experience rather a lot. I can't blame them. I suppose if I were a tiny puppy, someone showering me with warm water would be a little traumatizing.

Then when they were dry enough, I let them run around outside since it was a balmy spring day. Well, as soon as they got out there, my neighbour unleashed his hounds (or rat terriers, at least). They immediately barked. My puppies gave a fight and yipped back but then the neighbours on the other side of the Dog Whisperer let his dogs out and they crashed through the fence into the Dog Whisperer's yard. All of a sudden, the three dogs became six and my tiny puppies trembled while the two men laughed.

I, personally, don't think it's cute though, in their defense, they did try to scoop up their dogs. My puppies were both fascinated and terrified.

I'm not sure what we're going to do about this. I only hope that either my puppies can bark back or the neighbours stop letting the dogs out whenever they see me outside. We can only hope.

Then, of course, to top it all off, I get a call from my friend and fellow writer. My book is now for sale on Amazon. I've already sold a few copies. It's a good feeling. I can now say, "I'm a published author."

In all honesty, it hasn't sunk in. I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Then again, having two puppies is a pretty good way of celebrating. They're currently sleeping after running around like maniacs all evening. I plan on waking them up before bed, to spend that last spurt of energy before they crash for the night.

In the meantime, while they sleep, I get a chance to blog. I can check my email and look up stuff that I've been meaning to do for a while. It's a nice sort of peace.

For now, I'll take that when I can!

Happy Wednesday!

By the way, if you want to check out my book, click here:


Ladyaero said...

I ordered my copy last night!

Rain Dancer said...

Hey Captain Monkeypants...awesome job today with the demo! I learned SO much and you sure know how to communicate in a way so that us non technical people can understand! Thank you!