Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The First Mow of the Season...

Today, I'm ashamed to admit, I gave in to neighbourhood peer pressure and I am not pleased with myself.

It was a beautiful day today, you see. It was over 70 degrees, the sun was shining and it was even hot in the sun. While we've had some lovely days recently, this was, by far, the warmest of them all. It's the type of day on which you wish a squirrel would eat through the power line so you can go home early; it's just too nice to be inside.

Still, I made it through a busy day of work. When I got home, it was like an orchestra of lawn mowers was echoing through my neighbourhood. I sniffed at the sound. Since I dislike mowing, I took a look at my long-ish grass and shrugged. It could wait.

Then I went into my back garden and noticed that not only had the Dog Whisperer mowed his grass but so had the new resident behind me. My lawn was the only one I could see that had not yet been spruced up for spring and it still bore the marks of winter.

My grass began to look long. I began to notice that the dead leaves were ugly when, in the Autumn, I'd love the classic touch they added to my yard.

I took Sookie and Rory for their first real walk around the block. I noticed that all over the place, lawns were being mowed or had already been.

By the time we got back to our house, the grass of my front lawn seemed to have grown another inch. There was no point arguing, I was going to have to mow the bloody lawn.

So I did. I also managed to terrify the puppies who promptly ran into the house at the sound of the mower where they cowered until it was all over. Sookie still hasn't forgiven me and she's nervous to go outside in case the terrifying lawn mower starts up and chases her.

On the plus side, my lawn looks very nice. On the down side, it's the start of a very long lawn-mowing season. Also, it traumatizes my puppies. In addition, I hate mowing. I'd rather shovel snow. I like shovelling snow.

Still, despite the now-regular need to mow my lawn, Spring definitely has its merits. My herb garden is coming to life although I really need to train Rory not to go for the thyme. Thyme doesn't grow as fast as my other herbs and I really want to cultivate the little piece I have now. I have a ton of oregano coming in as well as a plethora of chives. Yet, Rory, being Rory, seems to go straight for the thyme. I think my neighbours probably think I'm mental as I often shout, "not the culinary herbs, Rory! No! Not the thyme! Here, have some oregano!"

That's a true quote too.

Unfortunately, Rory doesn't like oregano. She likes thyme and sage. Naturally, I only have a tiny amount of sage too. I did notice the first miniscule piece of mint popping up tonight and provided that spreads as much as it usually does, there's another new herb Rory can try. As long as she stays away from the thyme.

There's no denying that Spring isn't a great time of year. Tonight, the puppies and I took advantage of the Dog Whisperer's absence as i pulled out my little camping chair, had a beer and studied Puppies for Dummies while the puppies themselves played. I learned a lot from the book though it doesn't say anything about culinary herbs.

It also doesn't say anything about lawnmowers and puppies. I looked. I suppose, for now, the puppies will have to learn to deal with the noise. Or...I could just not mow.

The thought is tempting.

Until I give in to peer pressure. Sigh.

Happy Thursday!

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