Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plenty of Sunshine (and Puppies Too)

I know I say this almost every Sunday but I can't believe that's it, that the weekend has gone by already.

It probably doesn't help that it was the first real spring-like weekend we've had since winter came. Friday came and went with temperatures in the low '70's. The sun was shining, the air was balmy and warm and it was the perfect evening to play outside with two very excited puppies.

I spent much of the weekend playing outside with two very excited puppies. They love it outside. They like to sniff everything. They like to play with leaves. The especially like to play with leaves when it's in the possession of the other puppies.

They also adore sticks. I've never had a dog that actually plays with sticks. You see that on the television a lot- the adoring pet is easily amused by a stick. Well, granted, my puppies don't bring it back but they certainly are easily entertained when you toss a stick their way.

It's fun to watch them. I'm actually to the point where I can let them outside without having to watch their every move. It gets a little hairy when the Dog Whisperer's pets come out but we're managing. In his and his wife's defense, they are trying. I know they try to make sure the puppies aren't out before they let the dogs out. We've spent a fair amount of time trying to get their dogs and my puppies to the point where they can acknowledge each other without barking.

There's been no luck. I'm proud to say that while Sookie is the one with the bravado, yapping back, Rory is the one to approach the fence to say, "hi, noisy dogs." Then she runs away. Shortly afterwards, she and Sookie will run away, completely ignoring the barking from the other dogs as they happily continue their quest to sniff every part of the garden.

I like that they're ignoring the next-door neighbour's dogs. I'm proud of them, actually. I still think that privacy fence might be necessary but I like that they're getting used to the yapping and are able to ignore it.

I wish I could say the same.

Still, we spent a very nice weekend, playing in the yard. I managed to get some work done too. I've found that when they're sleepy, all I have to do is put one of their dog beds in my office and they'll curl up. It seems to be that they're ok, just being able to see that I'm nearby.

The worst part is that tomorrow, I'm back to work and, tomorrow, they're back to being alone a lot. I know they won't like it. It's days like today where I'm able to work AND have puppy time that I wish I could work from home.

It's days like today where I wish I could make a living as a writer so I could have the luxury of my puppies by my feet all day, able to cuddle them when I want and play in the garden when the weather's nice. However, the way it's going at the moment, that's not likely to happen. Still, I can hope and dream.

And, to me, dreaming is s what makes life fun, anyway.

Happy Monday!

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