Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fast Days and Impending Snowfalls...

Today was a busy day. It was a good type of day but one that just got away from me. I don't mind days like this. They make time fly at work and they make me feel like I'm doing something right at work.

Of course, not everything is always right at work. I discovered today that not only do job candidates lie but so do employers. I've been working with a super nice candidate for a while and he's this close to getting a job. Then, today, the night before his third and final interview, they want to pay him a lot less than they originally said. He's a candidate who needs a job. Badly. He's been out of work for a while and he really, really wants to work. Yet now it seems that all my hard work and his hard work may be in vain because he's got another job offer that he's been stalling on accepting because of this job I've been working so hard for him to get.

Still, this happens. I've been told. I just hate when it happens to me and to someone who is just generally a nice person who deserves a break.

Ah, well, 'tis the nature of this business, I'm told. It's not all like this but for every good opportunity that arises, there's badness too.

Keep your fingers crossed for my candidate that he falls on his feet. It's the holidays. Everyone deserves a break. I just hope he gets his, even if I'm not the one able to give it to him.

Nevertheless, good or bad things, my day went fast. This meant that I got to go home, hang with the pups and spend the evening very festively writing Christmas cards while watching, "While You were Sleeping"- one of my favourite 'Christmas' movies. It's nice to drink a glass of wine, take in a movie and address Christmas cards. As long as I don't drink too much wine. I wouldn't want a Bridget Jones-esque situation on my hands where I drink too much and send absolutely everyone I know a card with how I feel about them in it. My post-traumatic work disorder from my breakup with my ex-boss is still fresh enough that I can just see myself sending him a card that says, "Dear X- thanks for being such a miserable sod and not wishing me well in my new job. Just so you know, I'm doing great and my new boss is FABULOUS!!!! (Way better than you, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)." This is why I simply have ONE glass of wine while addressing Christmas cards. It's safer. Also, my handwriting is better.

I love nights like this. I also love that tomorrow is Friday. I have a weekend planned with my parents and doing some festive things with them.

The only thing is that there's supposed to be some significant snowfall on Sunday with the possibility of freezing rain on Saturday. I don't mind the snow, obviously- just look back on my blogs or simply search for the word "snow." You'll soon see- me and snow are best friends. I don't even mind driving in snow provided the roads are plowed and I can see the asphalt beneath my tires.

The problem with Indiana and Ohio is they don't always plow. They do eventually get around to it but there are times when there is no plow to be seen but plenty of snow on the road. I'm hoping Sunday isn't going to be a problem. The pups and I will simply head home earlier than normal and hopefully avoid the worst of the weather.

Still, that's the thing with the time of year. It's a trade off. For every wonderful snowfall I get, there's driving to be done. For me, for the most part, I don't have to go far but every now and again there's a bit of stress involved when there's a distance to be travelled and the roads aren't great.

Nevertheless, when I and my family don't have to travel, life is good. It's the best excuse in the world to slow down and appreciate the season. Sometimes it's just nice to slow down.

And sometimes, it's just nice to slow down.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

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