Monday, December 20, 2010

An Unfortunate Case of the Mondays

I’m sad that today was a very Monday sort of Monday. Being that it’s the week of Christmas, I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t really know what I expected but it wasn’t a run-of-the-mill day where even getting up felt like a chore.

Instead, it turned out to be a Monday. It wasn’t a bad Monday- someone I recruited accepted a job we offered her which made up for another candidate of mine who was supposed to interview today but, instead, decided to start work at a new company instead thus leaving us in the lurch.

It was more just a mindset. I felt grumpy when I got to the office. My brain never fully woke up and each time I tried to concentrate, I found myself wishing I was at home, doing fun festive things instead of being here at work.

It probably is because it’s the Monday before Christmas. It seems like a shame to work. I suppose I had the option of taking a vacation this week but I opted to take all of next week off instead. While I’m excited to not have to work for an entire week regardless of the fact that I like my job, it’s going to make this week drag by.

It’s not like we’re not being festive in the office, either. My coworker brought in yet more cookies for us all to eat. I think that’s nice. My problem is that I’m really not a cookie person so while I love the idea of homebaked Christmas cookies, I tend to not actually want to eat them as much as I want to look at them.

Tomorrow, we’re having a Christmas dinner at my bosses’ house. He’s cooking for us. We’re also going to have a Secret Santa exchange

My Secret Santa gift is for the other recruiter in our office. I took the easy way out and got him a bottle of his favourite vodka and some candy. It’s not original but it’s something I know he’ll appreciate.

It’s nice to work in an office where they do things like that. My old office never used to. Ironically, this year, they apparently did have a Christmas ‘party’ where they had a catered lunch, played games and got to go home early. I can’t help but slightly arrogantly take partial credit for this since during my exit interviews, one of my biggest complaints was that our office was boring and we never did anything fun. I mentioned the Office Olympics that we’d had and how much fun we’d had during that time especially the scavenger hunt. So, when I heard they had a scavenger hunt as part of their Christmas party, part of me was happy for them.

Of course, the meanie in me wants to know why it took my leaving for them to start doing stuff like that and wondering why it didn’t happen while I was there but given that I moved on to bigger and better things, I’m making the meanie in me be quiet.

So, it’s not that things aren’t festive at work. It’s just that there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing. I still have to gift wrap. I still haven’t had my annual viewing of “Love Actually.” I want to bake. I need to figure out what I’m taking to my parents when I load the puppies up and we head out for the holidays on Thursday afternoon.

I hate being grumpy. The easy solution would be for me to stop being grumpy but that’s one of those things that’s easier in theory than in practice. Still, throughout the day, my grumbles did subside which was a very good thing.

It also helped that, at the very end of the day, I got to meet one of my 'recruits' who just accepted a position with us. She was so excited and happy to accept the job that she gave me a huge hug and couldn't stop thanking me. It's a nice feeling to know you're appreciated and to know that you've done your job well. It's something I haven't had in a while.

It's a good way to end a day especially when it started out as a bad case of the Mondays. It made me feel decidedly less "Scrooge-like" and far more in the spirit of things.

Which is far better this time of year, don't you think?

Happy Tuesday!

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