Thursday, December 16, 2010

For regular readers of my blog, you know I like snow. No, I love snow. I’m very happy when it’s snowing. I love to play in it. I love to look at it. I love to walk in it.

The only thing is that I don’t like to drive in it.

It’s ok when it’s the good snow- the kind of snow that falls fluffily from the sky but leaves the pavement and road wet as it melts when it hits their surfaces. I just don’t like it when it’s the bullying type of snow that won’t slow down for anyone, won’t let the plows do much with and it refuses to go anywhere, never mind melt.

We had that type of snow this morning. I’m very, very lucky. I live five minutes from the office via car on a normal day. On a snowy day, it’s fifteen minutes. This may not seem like much but when every part of it is on thick, slippery snow, it feels much further.

I made it to work without too many problems. The worst was trying to get into my office parking lot. We’re up a hill. Normally, it’s a slope. When it’s snowing, it’s a hill. There was about four inches of snow all the way up the hill and my little Corolla did not like the idea of going up. For a few moments, I got stuck. Then I began to slide backwards. By the time I thankfully made it up the hill, I felt as though I’d run a marathon because my hands were shaking and my whole body had tensed up.

Still, I did make it. It just continued to snow for most of the day. This meant that my boss didn’t want anyone leaving for lunch because he was worried about us. He was kind enough to order lunch in so we didn’t have to go out. For me, a normal lunch is running home, reheating leftovers and letting the pups out.

That didn’t happen today and I spent the majority of the day worrying over them. Given that they’re two weeks shy of being a year old, their bladders are much stronger than they used to be. They can get through a night without getting up and sometimes don’t go out before bed. I knew they’d be ok but still I worried. I don’t like being a bad pet-parent and the idea of leaving them shut up for seven hours was hard.

They were very, very pleased to see me when I got home which made it all seem better. It didn’t make the guilt go away but a couple of treats later, I think we all felt better. Given the way Rory physically dived at my head to try to lick me to death, I think they forgave me for leaving them shut in. Also, when they went outside to play, they soon realized that it wasn’t as easy going as usual. If we get much more snow, I might have to buy them both snorkels. It’ll be like in that movie, “Tremors,” where you see the ridge beneath the ground before the giant worms pop up. Fortunately, my giant worms are significantly cuter and far less deadly than the worms in the movie. Unless, of course, you’re a bunny or a squirrel or, when they’re especially quick, a bird.

I think the puppies like the fresh snow. They seem to enjoy running around in it. When it gets more packed and hard on top after a day of sunshine, they’re far less fond of it. This might, of course, be due to the fact that they think they’re safe as they walk on it and then, bam!, they suddenly find themselves sinking and their tummies get wet.

Then they come inside and sit on me with their wet tummies. I think they think they’re being kind by snuggling up to me but I also think it’s their way of saying, “hey, we’re wet, why aren’t you?” This is sometimes reciprocated by my seeing a little black nose peeking through the shower curtain if they push open the bathroom door while I’m showering. They can’t figure out why their ‘mummy’ is standing underneath a torrent of water getting soaked but they’re fascinated. They seem to like it when the water sprays them a little but not so much they want to climb in. They’re also intrigued by the bath. They like to inspect the bubbles and the water but, fortunately, they don’t attempt to dive in. I’m rather glad about that. There would be nothing more interruptive to a relaxing bath than a tub full of wet puppy.

They, of course, don’t like baths of their own. In this case, they sit there looking pathetic while I shampoo them and then rinse them. Then, when I try to dry them with the towel, they run off and rub up against everything, especially the carpet in an attempt to dry off. This is often followed by them running around the garden outside, rolling on the grass to dry off. Yes, in case you were wondering, this does make me feel a little like I just wasted my time because they’re suddenly covered with grass, leaves and dirt. Then, when they’ve dried enough, they come in and sit and shiver looking mournful and sad and they must be held and cuddled because I’ve traumatized them with the bath.

And yes, I am fully aware that my puppies are spoiled rotten.

This is why they each have their own blanket while I have mine and on snowy evenings, I cover them with their blankets as they snuggle on the couch while I attempt to try to salvage enough space for my own bottom on the same couch.

All in all, today was the type of snowy day you wish you could enjoy at home rather than from the office. I was supposed to have a cooking class this evening too. It’s more of a cooking ‘prep’ course- it was called “Hone your Knife Skills,” at a local place. They ended up cancelling my class. On one hand, I was very disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to learning how to chop like a pro for a while. On the other hand, I was very relieved that once I was home, I could stay there.
Snow for me is like any great love. It’s a wonderful thing but it’s not perfect. No relationship is. For me, my relationship with snow is that I love it and will continue to appreciate it and the beauty and stillness it brings to the world.

Yet as with any relationship, it has its rocky moments. With snow, it’s when it makes it tough to drive. It’s belligerent and stubborn and isn’t going to give.

Nevertheless, for all its stubbornness, it can be a wonderful thing which, in the end, makes it all worth while.

I just wish that sometimes, just sometimes, it would be a little more cooperative on weekdays.
Ah well, it keeps things interesting.

Happy Friday!

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