Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere (Even for Elephants)

It's the eve of Easter Sunday and I can't believe the weekend flew by again. As is usually the case when I visit my parents, I had a very nice weekend but, again, as is usually the case, I wish it were longer.

Still, I shouldn't look ahead to Monday while Sunday is still all around so I'm not going to do so. Instead, I'm going to relish the waning hours of the weekend. It's the perfect night to curl up and relax since it's raining outside and from the look of the giant lake that used to be my lawn, has been for quite some time.

It wasn't raining at my parents. While I would have had a wet Saturday had I stayed home, instead I enjoyed a lovely, windy, warm spring day in Indiana. My parents and I took advantage of it by going out and about, stopping at Menards, the home improvement store and browsing the garden centre. It was the perfect day to be outside, planning the spring garden.

Afterwards, we decided to go see "Water for Elephants" at the cinema. Both my mum and I had read the book and enjoyed it and we were curious to see how it did as a film. My quick review was was ok. It's redundant to say the book was better because nine times out of ten, that's usually the case. The movie version seemed to just lack...something. Perhaps it was dirt and the other signs of a depression era circus. Having been a big fan of HBO's cancelled series, "Carnivale," I was expecting "Water for Elephants" to be more like that which was also set around a travelling carnival. It wasn't a bad movie per se. It was just a little lifeless. I've been trying hard to keep an open mind about Robert Pattinson. Given my intense dislike of "Twilight", I've still tried hard to not judge him solely on that. I liked him as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", after all. Then I recently watched "Remember Me," another movie in which Pattinson stars. I wasn't impressed. Still, I thought perhaps he'd win me over in "Water for Elephants."

Sadly, he didn't. I think it's official: He's just not a very good actor. It's not that he doesn't try. It's just that he lacks charisma and is rather stiff. He seems to work very hard at his acting but it shows that he's working hard. He's a brooder without many interesting qualities. It also didn't help that Christoph Waltz played August, the villain of the movie and was fantastic.

Overall, it was an ok movie but just didn't make me say, "Wow, they did a great job with that." However, given the sad lack of good movies being made, it was definitely one of the better ones I've seen in a while.

The rest of the weekend went by fast. Today, being Easter, was nice and Easter-y and full of family. I got play with my niece who has very strict rules to the games she makes up. We played "Princesses" in which I got to be a fairy godmother to my nieces' princess- I got to make up wishes to give to my niece. It was all rather fun. I love playing with my niece because she's so uninhibited. She loves to dance and sing and she likes me to join in her dancing. Dancing with a four-year-old is fabulous because flailing is encouraged and this happens to be my specialty in dancing.

It was sad to come back home after such a nice day but that's part of being a grownp. The pups and I returned to a deluge of rain, loud thunder and a washed-out back garden. Also, I have a horrible feeling my freezer is broken because all my food was defrosted in there. I'm hoping it's because I was silly enough to leave the door open a crack before I left for the weekend. I've done it before. It's annoying but at least it doesn't require a new freezer. I'm hoping that it starts freezing again but given the rather eerie silence that's usually filled with its buzzing, I'm not holding out much hope. April has not been the best month for me as a homeowner with termites and lawnmowers and perhaps a need for a new freezer.

Still, I'm not worrying about it. I'm fortunate enough to have a little deep freezer where I keep my meat so at least I didn't lose a lot of valuable food- mostly just junk food and such. I'm trying to look on the bright side. After all, there's no point in worrying about it because there's nothing I can do...annoying things happen. It's how we deal with them that matters.

I'm choosing to deal with my freezer by saving the food that I can and throwing the rest away and hoping it's an easy fix. If not, like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll worry about it tomorrow. There's no point in wasting the last of the weekend with worry!

Happy Monday and I hope you had a great Easter!

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