Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Day of the Conference...Yay..

So, it's the first full day of our conference today and, already, I'm exhausted. I like being around people but this is a lot of people and effort of trying to smile and constantly promote our company is pretty tiring. Still, so far, I'm quite enjoying it. The food is excellent. Isn't that really how you judge a conference though?

I have been to a few of my coworker's presentations and it's been pretty interesting so far. The nicest part of the conference is that no matter how unsettled I've been feeling in my job lately, I feel like I really am part of a team. I work with good people and it's nice to be able to be part of a group like this.

The bad part of the conference is that no matter how hard I try to wiggle out of it, I still have to do my presentation. It's not until Thursday which is both good and bad. It means I have a couple of days to prepare. It also means I have a couple of days to stress. It doesn't help that everyone tells me I'm going to be on the spot because apparently, the software I'm presenting is a hot topic. Yay. Can't wait. I also see that I'm lucky enough to be in the biggest room we have and rather than stand nicely behind a podium and talk, I'm on a little stage in front of everyone. Can you tell I'm thrilled.

I can't lie and say that idea of doing a dance instead of presenting my topic didn't cross my mind. I think for at least a few minutes, the sheer absurdity of my fantastically awful dance moves might distract them. It might even frighten them. It might even make them leave. Hmm....

I'm currently on break. It's the first one I've had all day. Tomorrow, we get the evening to ourselves which should be fun. It's hard to get up at 6 a.m. and not have a moment to breathe until 5 p.m. I have a meeting soon so I'm savouring the free time.

I'm also trying not to think about the fact that the sweet little old lady has moved out of my house now. As of yesterday, my house was MY house. I'm excited. I can't wait to get in and explore.

Anyway, it's not the most exciting blog in the world but I feel strange nowadays if I don't blog. I feel like there's something I've forgotten to do, even if I haven't actually forgotten to blog but simply haven't had time. I'll try to blog at least semi-regularly. Now I've discovered I have an internet connection, it's easier. Of course, not having time makes it not so easy but knowing me, I won't be able to withhold my ramblings for too long.

Happy Tuesday.

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